ARTSIDEOUT is UTSC’s large-scale multidisciplinary arts festival. In its seventh year, the day-long festival features a variety of arts events, exhibits, performing arts and much more taking place throughout campus! Celebrate the vibrant visual and performing arts culture with us this year at ARTSIDEOUT 2014!

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The ASO exec team is getting ready for the big event! Are you ready? We’re excited for your submissions this year, so get your creativity flowing and make sure you submit! Connect with ASO by visiting our Twitter and Facebook page! We’ll see you on the big day!


Volunteers are a huge part of what makes ASO the successful event that it is. There are many different volunteer opportunities at ASO to suit your skills. From pre-installation prep, design, and construction, to exhibition directors and installation teams, there’s always something that needs to be done here!


Are you interested in having your artwork featured in ASO’s diverse, multidisciplinary arts festival? From traditional painting to contemporary art, multimedia to abstract performing art and musical renditions, we’d love to see the unique range of creativity bursting from our participating artists.

ASO Exec Spotlight: Julia Thomson

Posted by Sean Lee on September 18, 2014 in #ASO2014, Interview
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Please tell everyone a little bit about yourself—your name, program, year of study etc…


My name is Julia Thomson and I am this year’s Special Projects Coordinator for the Studio Team. I am in my third year of Arts Management, with a major in Art History so I am excited to put to work some of the skills we have been learning about in class! I am from Ottawa and am loving living in such a vibrant and artsy city.


What made you decide to join the ARTSIDEOUT team? Is this your first year involved with the festival?


I volunteered with ASO last year as a general volunteer because I wanted to get involved and meet people – plus ASO seemed like an awesome initiative. I had so much fun and met so many fun people who shared my interests that I just had to become more involved this year! Joining the executive team is a lot of work, but it is some great experience and I know I will be proud of all our hard work come October 9th.  Also, pink is my colour.


Can you tell us a little about your experience so far with ARTSIDEOUT, the UTSC arts community and your experience at UTSC in general?

So far I have met some awesome, like-minded people on the ASO team. I am so happy to be providing students with the opportunity to get involved in the arts and to showcase their talents and pieces, because when else do we get the chance to take over the campus for the day? I like the close-knit community at UTSC and am impressed by all the talent that exists on our relatively small campus.


What artists inspire you?

I just love all the weird performance art that was going on in the 60’s. But a more traditional, long standing favourite of mine is Rodin.


In addition to ARTSIDEOUT, are you involved in the arts in some other way? Do you create your own artwork?

If I was not on the executive team, I would have taken this awesome opportunity to exhibit some of my visual art. I also would have put in a proposal to do a commissioned piece – it would have been too good of an opportunity to pass up!


What advice do you have for others who want to get involved with the UTSC arts community.

My advice to someone who wants to get involved with the UTSC arts community is to just do it! Don’t wait until your friend agrees to join that club or *wink wink* volunteer for ASO with you… just try something out that you think sounds interesting and you will make friends and enjoy yourself – just like I did!

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