What is Artsideout?

ARTSIDEOUT is a large scale, one-day, multi-disciplinary arts festival that celebrates arts and culture at UTSC in both physical and conceptual spaces. Involving the widest possible range of students from different programs and backgrounds, the event celebrates creativity and culture at U of T Scarborough.

The festival showcases site-specific art installations, exhibitions, performances, concerts, musical acts, and film screenings. By using non-traditional spaces to exhibit creative works, ARTSIDEOUT aims to reveal the potential that is inherent in the everyday life and spaces of the U of T Scarborough campus.

ARTSIDEOUT is a result of wide-ranging collaboration between 12 student clubs, approximately 30 student organizers from different programs and disciplines, the SCSU and the Department of Humanities. It features the work of over 40 artists and performances by over 20 performers and groups.

Our Mission:

By directly engaging with UTSC, ARTSIDEOUT aims to challenge familiar uses of space and form connections between the artistic practices of UTSC students and the campus community. Emphasizing multi-disciplinary collaborations, ARTSIDEOUT engages creativity and stimulates positive energy, by transforming the UTSC venue into a communal art space.

Our Vision:

ARTSIDEOUT 2016: Expanding Identity will focus on art-forms that express the identity of the community within and around the UTSC campus. The festival will emphasize on reaching out to all the diverse programs, peoples, and cultures that thrive and transcend at UTSC through multi-disciplinary art manifestations.

Five Key Concepts Behind Artsideout:

  1. To transform everyday spaces through the campus into creative works that highlight the uniqueness of the U of T Scarborough community.
  2. To enhance the student experience U of T Scarborough by sharing its culture with the broader tri-campus and Scarborough community.
  3. To encourage students and community members to explore the school by strategically organizing the flow of exhibits and events.
  4. To allow creative members of UTSC to work in non-traditional spaces, thus encouraging them to view their contribution to culture in a broader context.
  5. To integrate university objectives and increase external community involvement to heighten the support of education, social, and cultural awareness.

“ASO is about freedom and beauty – it is about having a chance to show everyone else what you feel, think and do. It is not being limited by the rules you think you have to abide by every day – it is about NOT STAYING IN YOUR PLACE.”