ARTSIDEOUT offers our volunteers with great opportunities to gain training experience and certifications to reflect their commitment to the festival.

ACM Engage! Certifications

Volunteer hours completed for ARTSIDEOUT will be eligible to be counted for the Ambassador and/or Explore Programs under the ACM Engage! Certification. Completion of either certificates will be counted towards the student’s CCR validation. For more information, visit: www.utsc.utoronto.ca/acm/acm-engage.

  Explorers Ambassadors
Who is eligible First year ACM students Anyone in an ACM volunteer role (e.g. ASO volunteer)
Opportunities outside ARTSIDEOUT List of Explore events List of Ambassador roles
Requirements ●  Attend minimum 5 events from various ACM disciplines

●  1 listed off-campus event

●  20 hours of services

●  2 training sessions

●  Exit Survey

ARTSIDEOUT Volunteer Certificate
Certificates are awarded to volunteers during After Dark who have completed the following:
  • Completed at least 10 hours of volunteer work (with at least 4 hours during the festival day)
  • Attended at least two training sessions and/or ACM workshops
  • Attended at least one orientation
Volunteers who have completed the above are eligible for a reference form written and signed by the Volunteer Director.
ARTSIDEOUT Volunteer Spirit Award
The award is presented to the volunteer who have shown outstanding commitment and enthusiasm to the goals, mission, and vision of ARTSIDEOUT.
40 Hours of Community Involvement (High School Requirement)
High school students are more than welcome to volunteer in our summer events, which are listed in the Volunteer Manual, to complete their 40-hour requirement.