We’re excited to welcome interested volunteers to the ArtSideOut team! Our volunteers are essential to supporting our vision of challenging the familiar use of space and this year’s mission of exploring the complexities of historical and contemporary Canadian identities.
We offer engaging opportunities in which volunteers can learn and enhance skills pertaining to art and event production and installation. We also offer CCR validations and other training certifications that supports ArtSideOut and its volunteers with achieving our mission and goals.

Outreach & Project (OP) Volunteers

Outreach Volunteers partake in activities that serve to spread the word about ArtSideOut off-campus, including events in other universities, high schools, and in the general community. ArtSideOut also initiates other on-campus projects throughout the year and are always looking for volunteers to help out!
Opportunities will be made available approximately 1-2 weeks prior to a volunteer shift through the ArtSideOut volunteer mailing list and the ArtSideOut volunteer facebook group. Please refer to the Application page for information on how to be added to the mailing list and the facebook group.

Festival Volunteers

There are a number of different Festival Volunteer positions as outlined in the Volunteer Manual. The duration, training, and responsibilities vary depending on the position.

Youth Volunteers

We’re excited to welcome high school volunteers this year! Youth Volunteers are high school students or students under 18 years of age and whose roles and limited to outreach and other pre-festival events.

Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leader positions are limited to past ARTSIDEOUT volunteers. They will be assigned a specific group of volunteers on the day of the festival. Leaders will require extensive dedication to the festival, with tasks that include pre- and post-festival leadership responsibilities and availability on the festival day.

All Volunteer Leaders must be at least 18 years of age, and are required to complete relevant training sessions and at least 5 hours of volunteer hours over the summer to enhance skills learned in training prior to the festival.